Preparing cooking classes for 2011

We will start offering cooking classes at Locanda della Valle Nuova!

At the moment I’m planning, studying and experimenting and more information will be available soon.
The photo below (Piadina a flat bread that is typical in the coastal area of Northern Le Marche and neighbouring Romagna) is part of the process, I’ll post more soon.

Please […]

Natural Wool Dyeing 2-Day Courses

Natural Wool dyeing courses will be held this season at Locanda della Valle Nuova.

The teacher Marion from Cerquetobono (Urbino) will explain everything about local plants for dyeing, including the tradition and history of natural dyeing in Italy and Europe. Natural dyes are especially rich in this area where, during the medieval times and the […]

Urbania ceramics

I’ve been willing to take a pottery course for years, since my friend Patricia allowed me to try the amazing pottery-wheel-experience (she’s a friend now, but this happened the very first time we met!).
Urbania ceramics is famous, actually Urbania was known for pottery under a different name, Castel Durante, that was its name until […]