Raphael La Muta is back in Urbino

Raphael La Muta portrait is back home in Urbino. The Portrait of a young woman, normally known as La Muta, has been recently restored by Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence after a trip to Japan (a Japanese tv network financed part of the restoration).
It will be displayed in the Ducal Palace Sala dei […]

Real monument men: Pasquale Rotondi

This is one of the real stories about monument men in Italy during WW2.
Starting in 1940 Pasquale Rotondi, a superintendent of the Artistic and Historic Heritage in Ancona and then in the whole Le Marche region, saved about 10,000 masterpieces from the bombings and prevented their transportation to Germany at the hands of the […]

La Città Ideale – The Ideal City

From April 6th to July 8th 2012 the Ducal Palace in Urbino will host The Ideal City – Renaissance Utopia in Urbino between Piero della Francesca and Raphael.

The painted panel of La Città Ideale The Ideal City in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche is one of the most fascinating enigmas of the Italian Renaissance. We […]

Piero della Francesca: the invisible landscape

People often think that the great painters of the Renaissance like Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo and Raphael created imaginary landscapes.
Nowadays some of those landscapes have been found: they were hidden within the Montefeltro hills!

The theory in this video is that those landscapes can be found nowadays, my point of view is that probably they did […]

Raphael and Urbino: the exhibit

The exhibition Raphael and Urbino: formative years and ties with his home town will open on April 4th. Now the official page has an English version!

Urbino was more than just Raphael’s city of birth; it had a profound influence on his development as an artist and remained an essential reference point for him throughout […]

Raffaello e Urbino

This morning the exhibit Raffaello e Urbino was presented at the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino.
Urbino is Raphael’s hometown and his art is strongly determined by his town, his father Giovanni Santi and the cultural and artistic environment he grew in.
Together with paintings of Giovanni Santi and more painters that worked in Urbino during the […]

Raffaello Ritratto di dama con liocorno in Urbino

The “Portrait of Young Woman with Unicorn” by Raphael (normally kept at Galleria Borghese in Rome) can be seen at Urbino Palazzo Ducale until October 4th.

The painting was of uncertain attribution for a long time but, Raphael is nowadays considered the author of the work (probably finished around 1506).

The expo somehow prepares Urbino and […]

Ritratto di giovane col pomo in Urbino

As an “entrée” to the big exhibition about the most famous painter from Urbino, Raffaello Sanzio (that is being planned for 2009), the Uffizi in Florence lent the painting “Ritratto di giovane col pomo” to Urbino. You’ll be able to see the painting in Urbino until July 22nd.

This painting – as well as many […]