La Casa

Our swimming pool is always at guests' disposal

In the common living room you'll find plenty of information and books

Valle Nuova is a 185-acre organically run farm, in sight of the town of Urbino. It sits nestled in a landscape of gentle, rolling hills, where ancient oaks are still protected as they were in the times of the Dukes of Montefeltro.

La Casina dei Tordi apartment. One bedroom and stunning views.

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Organic flowers are beautiful

Valle Nuova emblem carved in sandstone by a local artist

Our first priority is the well-being of our guests: so our apartments and rooms are designed to provide a comfortable and quiet stay and are both acoustically and thermally insulated.

La Casina dei Cavalli apartment. One bedroom, cosy hideaway for two.

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La Casina Nuova apartment. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a shady porch.

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Since we also care for the environment Valle Nuova is fitted with solar collectors, electricity comes from photovoltaic plants and the heating system is run using renewable energy.

The hills of Le Marche are beautiful in every season

Heirloom fruit is not only tastier, it's also beautiful!

The smiling service and high standards of both food and accommodation will best suit persons seeking superior quality in an elegant and tranquil setting and the perfect location for relaxing or active vacations surrounded by the delights of Le Marche region (Italy's best kept secret).

It's always easy to find a shady spot by the swimmingpool

Buffet breakfast is served for b&b guests

Our charming b&b bedrooms

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Organic grown and foraged items for our tasty appetizers

Gorgeous dinners can be prepared upon request, with our homegrown organic produce.
Guests may swim in our pool, enjoying a sweeping view of the landscape.

Our pets are always available for a hug

View from the pool down to the farm

Horseriding is the perfect way to explore the area in a different way.
Our pets will also be glad to welcome you.

Peaceful riding along green paths