Walking down from the Locanda to the cowshed. You will not need to go far to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Le Marche.

Valle Nuova is carbon neutral thanks to our photovoltaic plant

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Always keeping in mind the philosophy that "…one should tread lightly on the earth" we have been working for a cleaner environment for over 30 years and we would like to share our farm and our house with our guests.

Our photovoltaic plant is installed on our roofs not to spoil the landscape

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Happy cows ruminating in their outdoor enclosure...

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We strongly believe that we all should do our best to leave a better world for the future generations and we start from our farm, our house, our agriturismo and vacation rentals.

... they enjoy the beautiful views of Le Marche hills too!

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Our organic kitchen-garden produces heirloom vegetables year-round

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With our farm produce and foraged goods we prepare preserves and home-made fruit and herbs liqueurs

Home made preserves: visciole (wild morello cherries) grow wild in the farm and we love them

If you have this landscape you should do everything you can to preserve it!

We also think that sharing our experiences with our friends, neighbours and guests is very important so you can read more about what we do in our farm and for the environment and we're always glad to answer any questions you may have.

Horses roam free on Monte Catria, it's a magic place to take a walk

We have deep love for every stage of farming and we learn a lot from our neighbours

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