Mani che intrecciano: weaving event in Urbino

Last weekend Salice Vivo (a very active association, based in Urbino, devoted to the study and development of basket weaving and all weaving arts) organized a beautiful event in Piazza San Francesco in Urbino with basket weavers (and other weaving artisans) from all over Italy (and Catalunya).

The beautiful square was liven up by the display […]

Elderflower foraging walk

Why collect elderflower in your back garden if you can take a gorgeous 2 km elderflower foraging walk around the farm?

There’s a big elder outside Casina Nuova, but this morning I wanted to take a walk so I decided to walk around the Western borders of the farm and pick elderflowers from the smaller […]

FORAGING wild greens

In Le Marche (and many other parts of Italy) in Spring and early Autumn it’s common to see men and women out in the countryside with big plastic bags or baskets picking something from the weedy and unkempt field. They are probably foraging wild greens, or “erbe di campo” (field greens or literally field […]

Le Marche agritourism: a little jewel in Carpegna

Agritourism or agrotourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism has different definitions in different parts of the world, and sometimes refers specifically to farm stays, as in Italy. Elsewhere, agritourism includes a wide variety of activities, including buying produce direct from a […]

Photo of the day: Winter holidays in Le Marche?

I tend to share photos of the farm during the beautiful Spring and Summer months to show people how amazing it can be spending your holidays in Le Marche, but this photo HAD to be shared, a few days ago this was what I saw out of my window. Gorgeous isn’t it?

The landscape is […]

Monte Cucco & Fonte Avellana Umbria & Le Marche border

A few days ago I had the opportunity of visiting again a beautiful area very close to Valle Nuova even if in nearby Umbria: the Monte Cucco Park.

Within the park can be found three religious buildings (Abbazia di Sant’Emiliano in Congiuntoli, Abbazia di Sitria and Eremo di San Girolamo) that, along with Fonte Avellana, […]

30+ things to do in and around Urbino Italy

Are you looking for an unspoilt part of Italy, but you want to be sure to have enough beautiful things to see and do during your holidays? Have you heard about Urbino or Le Marche but you are not sure that there will be enough to keep you happy for a whole holiday? Most […]

Torricini in Urbino being “unwrapped”

The Torricini, the famous towers of the Ducal Palace façade in Urbino, have been under restoration for over two years. They will soon be ready to be seen again, the “unwrapping” began and in Urbino everybody is excited.
The 550 years old Urbino Torricini, designed by the Architect Luciano Laurana between 1467 and 1472, were […]

A great spotted woodpecker in my bathroom

I came back home in the early afternoon yesterday after a fun morning with friends.
After a while I started hearing strange noises coming from my studio (the studio is a room, with attached bathroom, that is separated from my corridor by a 2 metres high bookshelf and a door). I thought that one of […]

Foraging for simplicity

Last Summer one of the students of the Urbino Project (a program  for student journalists from around the world to develop multimedia journalism stories to document the people and places of Urbino and the Marche Region of Italy) came to Valle Nuova, this is the article that she wrote.
And here’s a great article by another […]