Natural Wool Dyeing 2-Day Courses

Natural Wool Dyeing 2-Day Courses

Natural Wool dyeing courses will be held this season at Locanda della Valle Nuova.

banchetto-lane-e-feltroThe teacher Marion from Cerquetobono (Urbino) will explain everything about local plants for dyeing, including the tradition and history of natural dyeing in Italy and Europe. Natural dyes are especially rich in this area where, during the medieval times and the Renaissance, guado, the common name for isatis tinctoria (dyeing woad) known as “the blue gold” for its economical importance back then, is a local plant used for producing the blue color that we see in Piero della Francesca paintings and most Renaissance textiles. Class includes hands-on dyeing of spun wool, and tuft if you are interested in felt production. Bring home your own kg of wool in the basic colors red, blue and yellow.

lane-arcolaio Marion wool dyeing in Le MarcheMarion speaks fluent Italian, English, and German.

Class dates are:
June 11 – 12
July 16 – 17
September 22 – 23

Minimum 4, maximum 10 participants.
The price of the course is € 250/person for the two days, including all materials.
Your dates and longer courses available upon request. Five day class includes herb collecting, further knowledge of all the parts of the process, and creation of different shades of color.


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  1. Studiolum May 27, 2008 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Cara Giulia, ho scoperto e letto con grande piacere il tuo blog mentre stavo cercando informazioni per una nostra gita a Urbino. Mi hai aiutato molto, dandomi tante idee e una visione molto serena della vostra regione. Ti ringrazio molto. Ti auguro tutto il meglio e molti successi con la vostra bellissima impresa che spero di poter vedere anche personalmente una volta.

    Ho anche fatto menzione del tuo blog e la vostra Locanda nel nostro diario Poemas del río Wang (in inglese). Ti prego di leggerlo e di correggere gli eventuali errori che ho commesso nella descrizione.

    Grazie, complimenti e auguri

    Tamás Sajó, Ungheria

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