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There are many things that you can see and do during your stay at Valle Nuova. These are just a few of the possibilities to get you started and help you make the most of your time at our place.

Of course you can split the itineraries or create your own and we are always […]

The area

The area
Whether you are interested in Renaissance or Medieval art, fascinated by Roman ruins or imposing fortresses, if you look for peace and spirituality or for the bustle of the piazza, Le Marche has something for everyone. During your Marche holidays you will never bump into hordes of tourists.

For more photos of Le Marche have a […]

La Città Ideale – The Ideal City

From April 6th to July 8th 2012 the Ducal Palace in Urbino will host The Ideal City – Renaissance Utopia in Urbino between Piero della Francesca and Raphael.

The painted panel of La Città Ideale The Ideal City in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche is one of the most fascinating enigmas of the Italian Renaissance. We […]

San Leo

The ancient land of the Montefeltro, lodged between the regions of Le Marche, Romagna and Tuscany, which Duke Federico (1422-1482) drew together, counted a large number of fortresses, built in medieval times to control and safeguard an impervious terrain that would otherwise have been easily conquered by enemy forces. Nonetheless, previous existent fortifications could […]

Cagli again (plus Giovanni Santi frescos)

The focus of the exhibition Raffaello e Urbino is not only on Raphael’s own paintings but also on his influences, first of all Giovanni Santi, Raphael’s father. Until July 12th the Church of San Domenico in Cagli will stay open to give everybody the possibility of seeing Giovanni Santi’s last work, the Tiranni Chapel, […]


I just realized that I posted photos of many nearby villages, towns and hilltop-towns but that I never posted photos of Urbino… so, here they are!
This is a picture of Urbino taken from the Albornoz Fortress where you can see the Cathedral (on the left), the Ducal Palace and, at the right, below, the […]


A few days ago I went to Sassocorvaro, the evening light gives a special feel to the Rocca, an amazing and very little known example of Francesco di Giorgio Martini architecture.


Mondavio is a beautiful hilltop-town in Northern Le Marche that stands just a few km inland from the Adriatic sea. The “Rocca” (fortress) was designed by Francesco Martini and it’s an amazing example of his style. Francesco di Giorgio Martini worked for Federico da Montefeltro during the 1460s and designed almost seventy fortifications and […]


Cagli is a lovely little town just 15 minutes drive south of Valle Nuova, I was there on Sunday with Chicca, my dog.
This is one of the many towns in Northern Le Marche where the famous Architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini worked building fortresses and fortifications for Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. In Cagli the […]


We went to Frontone to have lunch with Juan Ramón and Mari Carmen, two guests/friends from Spain. The day was not sunny but Frontone is quite photogenic even if the weather was not perfect. Frontone is an amazing tiny fortified village topped by an imposing castle. This has been an important fortification during the […]